Writing Workshops Can Help

After years of attending writers workshops, being part of a writers group and taking part in Writers Conferences, I was beginning to feel “enough is enough” but “slogging away” on my new novel, I realised I still have so much to learn and when the opportunity presented itself to study with a successful writer, Signe Hammer, who lives half the year here in San Miguel de Allende as I do, I signed up. 

Our first session of three was yesterday, and I must say it was an interesting experience, with six other aspiring writers, mostly writing memoirs, but one fiction. Signe was a good guide and kept things rolling quickly but with enough time for individual contributions regarding each piece submitted by the participants. We also did a warm-up writing exercise with a prompt from Signe, which helped break the ice and gave us each a chance to warm up! I must add, warming up is also meant to be literal these days as San Miguel temperatures have dropped to the low forties, unusual this early in the winter.  B-r-r-r-r. Those of us who have portable gas heaters in our casas all have them cranked up now.  Luckily, I have one in my writing room and really enjoy the cozy environment in which I put pen to paper. Now, I’m knee deep in early re-writes on some of the scenes in my novel and look forward to the next session with Signe. Writing is a craft and like with any craft one must practice and practice. It’s fun and always stimulating. 

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