My New Historical Novel: Sweden and WWII



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I’m here on the beautiful Oregon Coast at our cottage on the Nehalem River and finally getting back to my writing after a three month hiatus, with a healing right wrist. It’s better but still painful. Thank goodness for Dragon Dictation software, I can speak into a mic and write, though editing is still necessary.

Walking on the beach today, I could hear my new characters for novel number two speaking to me. I came home and returned to the manuscript I started two years ago, and then put aside, while I finished Under the Salvadoran Sun. Those characters have been waiting a long time “backstage” to begin to play their roles. They will be part of an historical novel, which takes place during WWII and the 1970’s. Sweden, Poland, and Paris will be the locales. Interesting that today is D-Day, the 70th anniversary of that eventful turning point in the war. My protagonist, Lena, is struggling to find out the secret behind her Swedish grandmother’s mysterious behavior (won’t disclose yet).  Her search to understand takes her to Sweden and Poland where she is to learn the truth.  The story will take my readers back to pre-WWII Sweden and Poland. I’ll post a few excerpts from the manuscript as I go along and hopefully, I will have the book finished by the 75th D-Day Anniversary! 

I’m excited to announce I will be going on a “research journey” in September to Prague, Poland, Berlin and Sweden with Kathi Diamant’s “Magical Mystery Literary History Tour.” I met Kathi at the Writer’s Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past February when she spoke about her book Kafka’s Last Love. We hit it off immediately and I knew I wanted to jump on board with her tour. It will give me insight into an area of Europe I want to include in the new novel.  So click into my “Adventures with Sher” blog in September and read about my travels in Eastern Europe and Sweden. Until then I will be walking the beach, and writing my next novel with it’s working title: Unpacking the Past. 

Back to my writing desk and sending wishes to my readers for a happy summer. HINT: my novel, Under the Salvadoran Sun makes for good summer reading—on the beach or wherever you may be! 


My Book is Launched

I had my first “book launch party” yesterday at my San Miguel de Allende casa, and all went well. We had a crowd of 30 squeezed into our living room and flowing out into the adjoining patio. It was very exciting to get such wonderful support and interest in my book, Under the Salvadoran Sun. I read a few passages of the book just to spike the interest of my potential readers, never disclosing too much.  I forgot to mention that at the back of the book, I’ve listed questions for Book Group discussions.  I’d be glad to Skype with any book groups who choose my book. Just let me know day and time and we can have a spicy conversation. I’d love to get feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about the story. 

The book is now available for Kindle, also. I’m working on getting it formatted for the nook and ipad. I’ll keep you posted! 

I will be traveling back by car from Mexico in early April, heading north to Portland, Oregon. Let me know if you would like me to stop in your city or town and do a book reading at a local bookstore or private venue. I’ll try to make that happen. I will post some photos of the book launch later this week.  

El Salvador’s election is coming up and I’m paying close attention. Many of my friends in the Bajo Lempa, the region described in the novel, will be affected by the results. 

In the meantime, click on BOOK in my menu and read some sample passages from Under the Salvadoran Sun.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

As I reflect on the heroes in my life who have inspired me to action, it seems appropriate to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. on this day when our nation honors his birthday. I would like to share with you a poem written by David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 

You Are Not One But Many 

By David Krieger

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your deep voice still hangs in the air,
Melting the cowardly silence.
You are the one standing solidly there
Looking straight in the face of violence.

You are the one who dreams
That this nation will honor its creed.
You are the one who steps forward.
You are the one to bleed.

You are not one but many 
Unwilling to cower or crawl.
You are the one who will take no less
Than a world that is just for all.

 MLK Jr. was the inspiration behind my activism in my college days at U.C. Berkeley and perhaps the thread that linked to my caring for the life conditions of our neighbors in Latin America. That thread led me to supporting the NGO, EcoViva which gives financial and technical support to rural villages in El Salvador.  Ultimately this lit the flame for my first novel: Under the Salvadoran Sun, just out on and CreateSpace. (Click on my BOOK page in the menu to learn about the discount I am offering until January 30th. 

One never knows the impact one person can have on another, how he or she can inspire. King’s inspiration for the Civil Rights movement is long known and worthy of honoring on this day. Check out this insightful article.