New Inspiration Leads to New Writing

My writing practice has taken a long hiatus due to travels in Prague, Krakow, Berlin and Sweden in 2014 and Italy in 2015. In the fall of 2016 I put aside my WW II novel, which takes place in Sweden and Poland, and decided to first start the sequel for Under the Salvadoran Sun. Why a sequel?  Two reasons: several of my readers asked for one and two, I realized it might help create more interest and sales of Under the Salvadoran Sun

The inspiration to write more on the issue of immigration comes out of my despair over the current political environment and the negative language from last year’s US election cycle. US immigration policies need reform and that will only happen with enough people demanding more fair treatment and recognition of what the Latino population brings, like immigrants of the past, to the rich texture of our society. 

Equally inspiring me is a project I’ve started in my adopted home of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Last year the growing number of deportations from the US plus the increasing number of “refugees” fleeing violence in Central America, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, concerned me. I gave a talk for a large group of people and many approached me to be on my mailing list. I started occasionally sending out articles about these refugees and deportees. People shared their desire “to do something,” to help those who are seeking new and better lives. What came from that has become a grassroots organization we call the RR Group. We are working directly with a safe house in a neighboring community. 

These actions would make my fictional character, Angela, proud. I hope you will stay tuned for more about how Angela resolves her grief and gets involved in immigration reform plus uncovers a story of corruption and mayhem. I will try occasionally to post excerpts from the new novel. Stay tuned. 


Travel Stimulates My Muses


A toast to Prague, Czech Republic

Having just returned from a month-long odyssey in Europe, my muses are chomping at the bit. I not only learned a great deal of useful information for my next novel, which will take place in WWII Sweden but I have new ideas for the next travel memoir. Can’t give away all the secrets now so just stay tuned. I thought I’d give you a preview of the upcoming blogs on Adventures with Sher here with some travel photos from my recent journey. Come along for the ride and enjoy!  


City of spires and castles



and Art Nouveau Architecture

I learned a great deal from Edita, our Prague guide about Czeck Jews during WWII and what happened to those who escaped to Sweden. This was great information for my new book.

Our guides, Vadim and Bonita shared their wonderful knowledge of the Art Nouveau period inspired by Alphonse Mucha on a walking tour through this beautiful city.   

To see more photos go to Adventures with Sher. Krakow, Berlin and Sweden are still to come. Join me on my travel adventures.