New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Them Simple

What I’m Learning about the Art of Marketing a Self-Published Book: 


Arriving back at our Oregon Coast cottage after a wonderful holiday in Portland with our family and friends leads me to reflect on what I’ve learned in the past year. Kept indoors by the lashing rain and cold outside  (you’d never know it from this photo as it was sunny on New Years day)lends itself to thinking about the New Year and what I resolve to accomplish,discover and learn in 2015. Uppermost in my mind, of course, is marketing my book successfully. I am learning new things everyday and want to share some with my aspiring author friends and those who are just now self-publishing. Here’s a couple of websites I’ve found helpful: 

 Abigail Carter is the clever and successful author of, a fantastic website set up to help aspiring writers and self-publishers. She, coincidentally, is the daughter of my wonderful cover designer, Margot Boland, who formerly worked for a major publishing company in Toronto, Canada.  I’m impressed with the many helpful suggestions Abigail has on her website and only regret I didn’t go to it sooner. Being caught up in completing my first novel, Under the Salvadoran Sun, and then self-publishing, I failed to follow some of the tips offered and ran blind sighted into the morass of “to do’s,” book readings, launching parties without first “learning the ropes” by taking advantage of the many helpful sites available on the web. Part of the problem was my perception: “There’s just not enough time!”  Well, as I often commented to friends and fellow-writers, this is my “practice novel.” It has been that in every way, from learning more about the craft of writing to setting up a book marketing plan and sticking to it!  Now I know what I have to do for the next book. It’s on the burner. 

Here’s another great websitestandoutbooks, with some helpful author’s tools such as a template for your first Media Press Release. As late as I am having launched my book almost a year ago, I’m using it to reach out to print and radio media.

In fact, I did a radio interview with Peter Newman with Coast Radio station KMUN just two weeks ago. You can listen to it here or friends on the coast will hear it  aired on Monday, January 26th at 9:30 am PST. Please post a comment on my website after you’ve listened to it. I’d love to hear what you think.  

To keep my New Year’s resolutions simple, I have decided to work more on understanding the marketing of self-published books, to continue to learn more about the craft of writing and to accept the help of others in the process. 

I wish all my blog followers a Happy New Year and hope you will read my book, write a review on Amazon, and most importantly, stay healthy and in love with life! Of course, we all hope for more PEACE in the world.