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Post Election Thoughts and Feelings

I’ve always been a hope-and-positivity person. In my family, my brother was the cynic and I was called the optimist. Post the recent Presidential election, I’ve changed. My reactions have run the gamut from shock, despair, overwhelming sadness and depression. Now I am struggling to find a way back to the hopeful person I usually am. My despair has been for the people I fear will suffer from racist remarks, hate crimes and the most heinous acts that people can perpetrate on the “other.” The President-Elect has given many “permission,”through his own language,  to act out their hate, anger and resentment of those they blame for their own despair over income disparities, jobs no longer there for them in this global economy dominated by technology.  These are all real and understandable fears, but it is too easy to blame the underdogs, minorities. I fear for my Latino friends, many undocumented workers contributing to our economy with children born here; I fear attacks that might be perpetrated against my African-American, Muslim and gay and lesbian friends, and yes, my granddaughter’s African American boyfriend, father of my beautiful new great grandchild.  I have almost become sick with fear and then rage: how could this happen in the America I used to pledge allegiance to?

 Recently, I listened to someone talk about the fact that we are all energy, we create our own energy field and it radiates out from us, that we must decide what kind of energy we want to spread, the negative, dark and spiteful energy we’ve heard far too much of this past way-too-long campaign cycle, or positive, loving, tolerant, inclusive energy? Of course you can guess that I choose the latter. Let me add: that does not mean I will lay down and be a passive observer of events as they unfold. Oh no. We each have a role to play as a counterbalance for the negative statements made during the campaign. I am committed to remaining vigilant, for the very core of our democracy is at risk. But I will try to create a positive energy field, a kind of protective shield, a place where others, including myself, can laugh again, love again and feel safe. 

 I will try to rally others to share that optimism and hope, while forming a strong resistance to the potential dangers that face us. There are many ways to do that, the same means I’ve used in the past: through my writing and my artwork.

 I hope my readers will feel free to express their opinions and ideas. Freedom of Speech is still an ideal which we must protect.