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New Writing Projects, 2016

This summer has been productive in many ways. I’ve been re-writing my travel memoir, which was published by 101 Productions in San Francisco in 1973, Europe with Two Kids and a Van. It sold over 12, 000 copies. Many friends have urged me to republish it as an ebook. I was finally convinced when I recently met a woman carrying a small child at MOMA in San Francisco. We started talking about our love of travel. She sighed and said her husband and she were resigned to the fact their traveling days were over now that they have a child. I piped up. “Why not travel with your child? It can be a great experience and if you do it like we did, camping in a van, you can make it an economical adventure, too.” She replied with wide open eyes: “Really, did you do that? Sure would like to know how.”  Me: “Read my book!”  “Oh, I will look forward to it.” So that did it. I’ve had fun reviewing the old book and the photos of our trip which I never included. I plan to include some in the new format, which will be small books: one for each of the seven countries we visited. I’ll keep them affordable, like $1.99 each. Then if someone wants the whole book, they can buy it for the attractive price of $9.99, a good deal!  Watch for it in the Spring of 2017. I’d love to hear your travel stories with children if you have any. Write me at  

I also took many webinars this summers, some very good, offering tips for writers on marketing. I’m in the process of setting up my marketing strategy for the travel memoir as well as the new novel, for which the working title is Scream.  It’s a WWII story of family secrets which takes place in Sweden. Watch for it, too, in the Spring or Summer of 2017! 

I wish all my writer friends good luck on their projects and hope you take advantage of Mark Dawson’s new contest partnering with Reedsy to offer Pro Book Production services. We can all use those!  Good luck.